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Roadtec was first to market with full IntelliMatics™ support for highway construction equipment.

Guardian was developed and written by Grathwol Automation exclusively for Roadtec, Inc. and is currently standard equipment on all Roadtec Tier IV milling machines, pavers, and stabilizers.

Guardian provides a Live Schematics™ view for all of the key electrical circuits on the mill plus the desired and actual currents that are output to the valves. A technician can see instantly where current is lost in a circuit and determine if a shorted or open circuit is present. In depth troubleshooting can be accomplished remotely through the internet without sending a technician out to the machine.

Guardian also provides instant fault reporting via email as well as a daily report including hours until service, fuel usage, etc.

Guardian is a remarkable system. You can read more about it here.

EGON Remote Diagnostics was developed and written by Grathwol Automation for Guntert and Zimmerman, Inc. Guntert and Zimmerman continues to lead the concrete slipform paving industry by being the first to incorporate IntelliMatics™ into their machines.

EGON is the closest thing to having a Guntert factory technician on the machine with the customer. The machine is constantly monitored and will report engine, machine and hydraulic fault conditions immediately. IntelliMatics™ takes the sophisticated systems of the Guntert machines and converts them to Live Schematics™ providing easy troubleshooting should a system require it.

Click on the thumbnails below to see screenshots of EGON.

W2000 Diagnostics

W2000 Diagnostics allows technicians to see into the controllers on a Wirtgen W2000 milling machine and obtain diagnostic data in seconds. All the systems of each controller can be seen at once thereby reducing diagnostic time significantly. Determining if a problem is electrical or hydraulic is accomplished quickly. Why search through schematics and troubleshoot with a volt meter when you can plug into the machine and see all of the systems in each controller? With W2000 Diagnostics you don’t have to decide where to start troubleshooting and checking for voltage. All the systems of each controller are presented to you in an easy to understand graphical format. W2000 Diagnostics is perfect for technicians that are not yet familiar with the electrical systems of the W2000 machine.

W2000 Diagnostics can be used on Wirtgen W2000 milling machines with serial numbers beginning from 1 through 865 and 1073 - UP. This software can be installed on a PC or laptop running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. This software can be installed on 1 device only. Please contact us for volume licensing. The communication adaptor needs to be purchased only once and will work with all Grathwol Automation products.

Please see the Support Page for a video and more information.

Click on the thumbnails below to see screenshots of W2000 Diagostics.

To inquire about or purchase W2000 Diagnostics please contact us.